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Snail Mail by The Letter Magazine | Handwritten mail isn’t a thing of the past, well, at least that’s not the case here at The Letter Magazine. We want your hearts to be encouraged in whatever endeavor you are pursuing, and we believe that sometimes all we need are words of inspiration penned on paper, signed with sincerity and sealed with love. We want to create a movement in a pen-pal platform that will allow you to send or receive an encouraging note. Read more about our two ways you can be involved below. 




Spreading kindness is contagious, and we would love for you to pour into others love and encouragement, in order to inspire and elevate someone else in need. Your letter could travel anywhere in the United States, or make a longer journey to a woman in the UK or Australia. You may include a photo to accompany your letter. We discourage photos that may identify you, and we will not tolerate nudity or profanity. Your letter will first be sent to The Letter Magazine HQ, where it will be screened before being sent to a recipient. Your letter will then be beautifully repackaged and sealed with our publication’s branding. Curious who received your letter? We’ll ask the recipient if they would like to connect and pass on any messages.

Send a Letter

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I L L U S T R A T I O N  B Y  C L E M I N T I N E  S T U D I O 


If you love the nostalgia of finding a real handwritten letter in your mailbox, this may be just what you need. You could receive a letter from somebody in the same State as you, or half way around the world! You will have to provide your name and mailing address, and  you will be added on a list of recipients to receive a letter. From one of our submitted writers.

When you sign up you can share why you need a letter, and once you receive a letter we’d love to hear from you! You can share how the letter moved you, or brightened your day by using the #thelettermag hashtag, and tagging us on Instagram (@thelettermag). Your personal information, such as your mailing address and any contact information, will not be shared with any third parties.  

Recieve a Letter

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P H O T O G R A P H Y  B Y   T A Y L O R  A N D  P O R T E R 

We will not tolerate any form of nudity, fowl language, or judgment in submitted letters. If we find this to be the case, your letter will either be discarded or sent back. All personal information (mailing addresses, personal information we collect to send your letter) will always be kept confidential. Due to the anticipated level of volume, we ask that you only sign up once to receive a letter.


Snail Mail

If you are writing a letter to be sent, you may send as many letters as your heart desires! You may submit as many letters as you would like to be considered for publication. Depending on the volume of letters we receive, and recipients waiting to receive a letter in the mail, we ask that you allow up to four weeks to receive a letter.