It all began, as good stories do, years ago when our Founding Editor in Chief Lauren Taylor decided she was going to start a publication ‘one day’. Well one day came and went and Lauren found herself working an uninspiring nine to five, checking the boxes, paying the bills. There was no passion here. No sparks lighting her eyes, no leaping out of bed in the morning. Looking around she felt like everyone else had it together while she was still stumbling through, wondering what it was that would set her soul on fire.

She only knew she wanted to inspire people and she wanted to love doing that. And then one average day, she remembered her idea of starting a publication. And, having never been a crawler, she leapt. Within a month the Publication was born and Lauren was creating and cultivating a brand that would inspire and uplift and encourage. And it was magic.

Women from around the world have leant their hopes, thoughts, words and ideas to these pages. They are alive with dreams, poured onto paper, captivating photographs of stolen moments encased within pages. They have come together, and together they have created a story that is bigger than themselves. True to it’s name, The Letter not only celebrates creatively courageous women, but it gathers letter-writers to share their stories and connect with each other through hand-written notes sent winging across cities and countries and continents.

This is more than a publication. This is a modern-day community built on old-school glory. This is love letters and inspiration and soul-food. When you find something that makes you come alive you fall in love with it. And people fall in love with it too. So pull up a chair and join us as we cheer for the fearlessly brave, encourage the better and the best, celebrate courageous creativity and reminisce over the real, the authentic and the whole-hearted. 


written by Emma Whiley

Dance party enthusiast, Motivator, Aesthetic Stylist and The Letter inspirer.  

Favorite Morning Beverage? Tall Passion Tea Lemonade Sweetened 5 Classic. My local Starbucks knows me by name. My Go To Outfit: Maxi Dress, jeans with a boyfriend T or pjs. Anything that I can feel comfortable
in to have a dance party. Favorite Pizza Topping? Pepperoni and Bacon make my heart soar! Your Tribe Would Describe You As? Flower Child, Determined, Free- Spirited + Silly. 

Happy Dance: Inspiring others, being barefoot and eating pizza. 


Founding Editor in Chief

Wittiest wordsmith, Spontaneous story-teller, Alliteration addict.

Favorite Morning Beverage? An ideal day begins with a
cozy cup of chai tea (+ a good book, if time permits). Favorite Publication Issue? As a woman who believes choosing curiosity & courage over fear is essential for living a vibrant life, I'm over-the-moon about the upcoming issue: Courageous. My Go To Outfit: As a comfort connoisseur, my go-to outfit includes well-worn denim + a tee and often a ball cap! Your Tribe Would Describe You As?  My oh-so-awesome tribe would describe me as adventurous, creative & encouraging.

Happy Dance: Writing a story that reads like a dream, that spills of the tongue like a sweet song!

MEET Brooke

Managing Editor

Community Outreach, Curator of all things Beautiful, Inspiring the Creative Hearts of Women.

Favorite Morning Beverage? Starbucks Iced Mocha. Favorite Publication Issue? The Purpose Issue | Spring 2017. With the launch of The Letter upon us, I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to share my heart with such inspiring creatives. My Go To Outfit: In the cooler months, you’ll usually find me in denim skinnies with a flow-y blouse! Shift dresses in those warmer months are always the best! Your Tribe Would Describe You As? Positive, Encouraging + Including.

Happy Dance: Scan days! As a film photographer, when an email arrives saying my scans are ready!

MEET Katherine

Social Media Manager

Story enthusiast, Accidental rhyme appreciator and Number one fan of collective nouns. 

Favorite Morning Beverage? Tea. With half a tea spoon of sugar, made by someone other than me. Favorite Publication Issue? The Purpose Issue – those double spread images are just magic. Your Go-To Outfit: Black high-waisted skinny jeans, gold trainers, white collared boyfriend shirt, grey jumper, statement necklace and a hat. Your Tribe Would Describe You a book worm, afternoon tea champion, authentic, hilariously disastrous, dramatic (in the best way possible).

Happy Dance: Scones and cream, when my husband gets home from work early, caramel core Ben & Jerry's Ice cream, spring in London and being in the sunshine. 


Editorial  Writer

Day dreamer, passionate motivator, lover of words & holiday cheermeister. 

Favorite Morning Beverage? Coffee with my creamer! Favorite Publication Issue?  The Courageous Issue has to be my favorite so far! With courage we can make any dream, big or small, come true. Your Go-To Outfit: Skinny jeans, Keds & a cute T-shirt. Your Tribe Would Describe You as Caring, Passionate, & Loyal..

Happy Dance: Words of affirmation, the holidays, & sweets.

MEET Brianna

Editorial  Writer

Lover of Muted Colors.
Crazy for Turtles.

Favorite Morning Beverage? French Vanilla Coffee with a tad bit of sugar. Favorite Publication Issue? Captivating Issue - motivating and inspiring others is what I live for. My Go To Outfit: My black ankle pants & a loose tee. Your Tribe Would Describe You As? Crafty & Goofy.

Happy Dance: A Snack!


Editorial Designer

Missing-apostrophe-catcher, word stylist, The Letter enthusiast.

Favorite Morning Beverage? Hot cocoa or matcha latte (which I've learned to make at home insert happy dance) Favorite Publication Issue? Alive | Fall 2016. It was the first issue I got to be a part of, and the one that made me fall deeper in love with what we are doing here at The Letter. My Go To Outfit: Casual T-shirt and denim button up with black skinnies and leather ropers. Or my-stay-at-home-mom look: pajamas. Your Tribe Would Describe You As? Committed, slightly forgetful, laughs at her own jokes.

Happy Dance: Making matcha lattes! Also, when I try a new recipe and it's edible!


Editorial Editor

Prose Writer, Composer
of Epistles, Word Genie.

Favorite Morning Beverage? I’m a coffee drinker through and through. Add cream please! Favorite Publication Issue? After grad school, I no longer had any requirements to write - but I still wanted a reason. Enter The Letter. Interestingly enough, the Purpose issue was the issue released as I joined the team. Your Go-To Outfit: I love a pretty dress and some heels, but jeans, a comfy tee, and sandals are a staple for me, too. Your Tribe Would Describe You As? I eat a lot of sweets.

Happy Dance: Quality family time, a beautifully written book, good music, a luxurious camping trip, a nice run, or a literal piece of cake.


Mananging Editorial Editor

Official question answerer, Word enthusiast, Frequent concert goer.

Favorite Morning Beverage? Soy latte with honey and cinnamon. Favorite Publication Issue?  The Enough Issue because it’s so important to love who you are and in turn, give that same love to others. Girl power. My Go To Outfit: Oversized denim jacket, flannel, t-shirt, black high wasted jeans and vans. Your Tribe Would Describe You As? Good listener, passionate, scatterbrained at times, and lover of outer space.

Happy Dance: Feeling the sunlight, movies, and breakfast food.

MEET Lauren

Community Manager Intern

Email lover, Idea bouncer-offer, Team Member enthusiast.

Favorite Morning Beverage? Cold option would be coffee frap and hot option is snickerdoodle hot chocolate. Favorite Publication Issue? The Courageous issue is one of my favorites. One thing we have always been about is being fearless and strong and it's something I hope to inspire younger women to feel. My Go To Outfit: Casual penny t, large flannel, ripped jeans, and my slip on Steve Madden shoes! Your Tribe Would Describe You As? Thoughtful, fashionable, and dependable.

Happy Dance: Making others proud! Also, when I see a dog, especially a pug or my own dog Pudge. 

MEET Alexis

Content Intern

Moving picture Coordinator, Brand proposal designer, Bokeh background admirer. 

Favorite Morning Beverage? Keurig brewed coffee with a splash of Silk Almond Milk Caramel Creamer.  Favorite Publication Issue? Women Empowerment | March 2016. This issue included my first ever piece of published work! I was so excited to see my article in the magazine I brought it to school the next day and showed all of my friends and teachers. My Go To Outfit: Jeans with knee-rips, a simple t-shirt, my army green bomber jacket, Adidas Superstars, and a black choker. Your Tribe Would Describe You As? Always giggling, a bit competitive, and inspiring. 

Happy Dance: Walking into a super cute coffee shop to chat away with friends. Also, a scented bubble bath does the trick.

MEET Hannah

Coordinator Intern

Netflix binge watching supervisor. Adjective aficionado, and Expert question-asker.

Favorite Morning Beverage? Peppermint Tea. Favorite Publication Issue? The “Courageous Issue” because it inspires me to face my fears and look outside my comfort zone, which is something I am always working on. My Go To Outfit: A comfy T-shirt, leggings, and Converse sneakers. Your Tribe Would Describe You As? Organized, Creative, and Trustworthy. 

Happy Dance: When something I cook turns out delicious! I am a huge foodie and Pinterest experimenter. 

MEET Alexa

Editorial  Writer